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AdQuest Millennium
AdQuest Millennium is the new software to access AIS information that Nielsen Media Research is bringing out to replace AdQuest 5.10I

Why should I get excited about AdQuest Millennium?
  • Customisation by company (site) and user
    Ability to create user level (for individuals) and company level (for sharing) report formats
  • Time Savings
    Ability to create and format reports on screen in AdQuest Millennium that may have previously been exported to excel for reformatting.
  • More intuitive custom reporting with Report Designer tool
    Ability to create customised reporting template that appear as they do when run
  • Automation of reporting
    Ability to set up batches of reports to be run and sent on schedule
  • Flexibility
    More reporting variables and display options, including currencies.
  • New demographics to align with broadcaster trading demographics
What's different?
  • No more CD updates
    No more delays for postage and loading of CDs
  • Web delivery
    Automatic updates when new data is available
  • Potential to move to more frequent data updating
    Plans for daily TV reporting in 2006
In AdQuest Millennium you also have the opportunity to subscribe to additional reporting options including:

Duplication Report
Duplication reporting allows a comparison between advertising content for two groups of media. The result is a report of the advertising that has occurred in both groups of media during the selected date range.
Duplication Report Example

New Business Report
New Business reporting allows the advertising content for a group of media within a specified date range to be compared with that of another date range within the AdQuest Explorer database. The result is a report of the new advertising active within the specified "New Business" date range, which was inactive during the specified “Base” date range.
New Business Report Example

New-Lost-Stable Report
This report compares a New Business date range with a Base date range for an Client/Product selection, and categorises advertisers/products into one of three groups – new business, lost business or stable business. New business is that activity which occurred in the New Business date range but not in the Base date range, stable business is that which occurred in both, and lost business is that which occurred in the Base date range but not in the New Business date range.
New-Lost-Stable Report Example

New Business Exception Report
Similar to the Exception Reporting System, New Business Exception reporting allows the advertising content for a group of Media to be compared to the advertising content for another group of Media. The result is a report detailing the advertising, which has occurred in this first group of Media but not in the second group and which occurred within the New Business Date Range, but not within the Base Date Range.
New Business Exception Report Example

Burst Reports
A burst report summarises advertising bursts for a dictionary selection, providing expenditure, GRPs/Tarps, Duration, incidence, share, key number, day part and station details.
Burst Report Example

For further information please contact your account manager or the Client Support Line on 0800 457 226.

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